Due to the increasing need to relocate cell towers within urban areas, the rigidity and structure of lattice antennas today, are concealed within water tanks, towers, and trees. Today, Tawasol provides some of the most realistic and aesthetically pleasing palm trees to conceal your towers within crowded urban areas. Lattice towers provide great strength, low weight and wind resistance, as well as economy in the use of materials. Lattices of triangular cross-section are most common, and square lattices are also widely used.

Lattice antennas offer a large number of advantages that include:
  • A steel lattice tower is cheaper to build than a concrete tower of equal height.
  • Lattice antennas can be made from a variety of materials including steel, fiberglass and concrete.
  • The height and safety requirements for lattice antennas differs from region to region, we are more than familiar with local and international regulations.
  • The rigidity of lattice antennas makes it better able to withstand extreme weather conditions such as wind storms and typhoons.

Due to maintenance required on towers and antennas mounted on these steel masts, access to the whole of the structure is necessary. Small structures are typically assessed with a ladder. Larger structures, which tend to require more frequent maintenance, may have stairs and sometimes a lift, also called a service elevator.
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